Tuesday, April 04, 2006


In the textile world there are always so many new areas of discovery. Arena's constantly present themselves for investigation and there is far too little time. Oh how I wish I could devote myself to this art full time and walk a daily journey producing work. I must craft a journey, a path to that place for myself.

Abstractism, a word suggested by a fellow quilter is my current inspiration. In the realm of thinking you realise that you know little about what this means and how to translate it into your particular art form. But I am encouraged and delighted to discover that abstractism is the ability to leave the consciousness elsewhere and stir within myself the artist, and the viewer, the inner feelings as a response to the work.

I am today inspired to create a 'whisper' in abstract textile form and the nature of a whisper whirls about me and distracts me; impatiently calls me to investigate its qualities, so that I might simplify them into form. It will be the weekend before I can place hand to fabric so this idea can take its form ... days before a visual can be born into the world. We are gestating at the moment, this idea and me.

In this abstractism journey I discovered a quote from Jackson Pollock an abstract expressionism artist. When asked:

"How do you know when you're finished?"

Jackson Pollock responded:

"How do you know when you're finished making love?"

Ah, so I am just beginning ... impatience be gone ... you'll know when you're finished.


smarcoux said...

Welcome to the blogging world.. and yes Dijanne is one of my mentors in patchwork and textiles.
When she comes over the the UK she usually stays with me so I know her personally and she is just great.
Well I will be checking in on you periodically to see what your up to.
Dangling by a thread

Jo in NZ said...

Hi Veronica, I'm Carol's daughter. I know mum wanted to leave a comment, but found the whole blogging thing too confusing....
Interesting concept you are following.

Love the beaded bracelet, by the way.

ps, you should turn word verification on, avoids spam comments