Monday, April 24, 2006

Hand Quilting & Beading

I've had another four day weekend, but have felt totally wiped out, lacking energy and motivation. I got inspired by a beading class on Saturday afternoon and now have even more ideas floating through my brain - looking for ways to manifest and be made real in the world. The piece is a bracelet made from pink mussell shell and a variety of beads in the colours pink, green and amethyst. I love the result - after about five hours of easy hand sewing to complete. It's not a quiet piece as it makes its own music when my arm moves.

I stayed with hand quilting which is a quiet meditative thing to do. There are always any number of hand quilting projects on the go in my life - two at the top at the moment are a NZ souviner fabric's piece with ferns and a 'cheat style' Baltimore. It seems to be a new idea manufacturers have for getting us to buy even more fabric, make a pattern up and give it away free on the internet and sell the fabric in the stores. Of course me being me, I didn't stick to the pattern, but invented my own in a very similar style. Ha ha! trick for the unwary- the block print (the flower baskets and garlands) was a half inch bigger than the border print - and I didn't know that when I was designing this quilt in the store in my mind - hence when I came to put it together I had to add a half inch border strip around the centre. On getting this home I gave myself a total fright as I realised that the young women at the turn of the century made Baltimore style quilts for their wedding boxes - virtually as an advertisement that they are available for marriage. How will this work in this day and age - easy in a small community where everyone can see and know what you are up to ... so it seems I'm making my wedding quilt with no beau present in my life. Well I will continue and see what the Universe presents and how ?????

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Anonymous said...

One very talented and inspirational lady. look forward to what you will bring to us next!