Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This has been written in response to another blog:

In search of my tales of Persphone and Pomegranates, Walking in this World by Julia Cameron (The Artists Way) fell off the shelf and opened upon restelessness. How connected things are – lead me on pomegranate to dabble in the stillness of the subconscious so the expansiveness will pop to the surface.

In the language of flowers the Pomegranate fruit represents foolishness while the flower is the symbol of elegance and maturity. In the Tarot the fruit symbolises fertility, passivity, and receptivity. The veil, between the consciousness and the inner self, the world and the underworld, shown behind the High Priestess is laden with Pomegranate fruit. We must pass through the veil for the inner mind to be opened and awakened to the invisible realms. Pay attention, a facet of yourself as yet unknown is trying to make itself known to you. Inspiration will be a direct experience.

It is Autumn, Persephone is about to return to Pluto the God of the underworld. She returns to the underworld to create with Pluto the underground powers that prepare the earth for the fertility of spring. The Pomegranate is the symbol of the union between the seed and the earth; the union between Pluto and Persephone. The inspiration of the next spring of creativity is the facet about to be revealed to you if you dip behind the veil and enter the realm of receptivity.

(Ref: Greek Mythology and Religion by Maria Mavromataki, Pub: Haitalis, Athens;Walking in This World, Julia Cameron, Pub: Rider Books)

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