Monday, June 19, 2006

Inspiring Sydney

Have you ever done something that you had in mind but came away with a complete new perspective on why you were there? I spent this weekend in Sydney - I thought to visit the Quilt and Craft fair and shop, which I did of course, but I came away knowing the real purpose was inspiration for a range of fabric. I woke at 5am on Saturday full of ideas and ran out of hotel supplied paper before I could get all the ideas down. I purchased an A4 size visual diary and a set of coloured pencils and have been scribbling and coloring ideas. Already I have enough for several different ranges. Perhaps in a year or two I'll have my own range of fabrics for sale at the craft fair.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For the Love of Music

For about four weeks now I haven't been able to get time on my machine to create and express. I get a bit stir crazy when this happens, but I've learned a valuable lesson this time. That getting that creativity inside bottled up, can bring amazing results when the cap is finally released. This piece is my very first - very basic attempt at thread painting. The theme for this postcard for our groups monthly challenge was "For the Love of Music". What better, than the Sydney Opera House - a living piece of architecture, solely, for the love of music.