Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This weekend I took part in a fabric dyeing workshop. I found the results disappointing, and I wonder why anyone bothers to screen print fabric in the method taught.

The yellow piece was first screened with a resist method - unsuccessfully, then over screened with a leaf print, in fuschia at the tutors suggestion to tone done the fushia on the background piece, after which it totally lost definition so I added the black by hand. The image was taken before washing - so goodness knows what will happen to the colours.

The green one lost definition because the manutex wasn't thick enough, so again I ended up hand painting on it to in an attempt to make it seem less like a blob. No it sort of looks just odd to me.

The third piece is done by painting the top of the screen with thickened dye then when dry, adding manutex through the 'well' to release the pattern on the fabric. The tutor said we'd get at least three good prints, but weakening in strength. I got one - the first one. Again I fixed this up with hand painting and its like a board now, waiting to be washed out.

Last night I unfolded some of the other pieces that had been 'cooking'. Two I'm thrilled with and I've also got a lovely piece of hand painted to use. Will photograph these when dry to show you.

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