Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Caught My Eye

Golden Kiwi Fruit - yellow inside, not green ...

These two caught my eye today. There they were, just sitting there in some sort of harmony that made me want to capture them and remember this day. Colours, stainless steel, reflections, shadows, direction, shape, line, suggestion ... the promise of something ...

Today I've been reading blogs belonging to artists in other exotic locations. The majority live there and capture daily almost, the ordinary of their lives which to me seem exotic, different and artistic. It tells me on some deep level that I also live in what will be to others, an exotic location, but so far I have failed to capture and share it for it's difference.

When you can't quilt everyday because you are busy with living, posting seems delayed, until discovering as I have today, that the ordinary is also exotic to others who do not know my landscape.

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