Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Little Quilt inspired by paisley

My quilt club has a 'little quilt' exchange at our Christmas meeting. This year I was inspired by a paisley design in Christmas colours. I'm not a stack and whack girl, but I do think this fabric would produce some lovely results with that method.

Then I decided to put two block designs together - card trick and Eddyman's Light and it produced this lovely result.

All the gift quilts are wrapped in brown paper, and everyone chooses a parcel. You don't know who you are making for, you don't know what you will receive. It's an exchange encompassed by mystery, excitement and delight.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Super, super COOL!

You're as sweet as a rosebud, as happy as a bee;
You're as kind as friendship, and you dance like the sea.
You are very very funny, you jump up and down,
And then when you feel like it you walk into town.
You are very clever, you are not a fool,
and I think you are, super, super COOL!

Written by Megan Hampton-Davis
25 September 2006