Monday, January 07, 2008

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”

I've been silent for some time. Yesterday, 7 January 2008, something shifted and I again followed some of the blogs I read regularly a year ago. It is as if we have all been liberating ourselves from routines, changing and evolving, morphing into a new beginning.

I wondered that I had not thought before that the energy of change might also be affecting my blogging friends.

Today a friend sent this quote:

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely” – Auguste Rodin

It inspired me to ponder and websearch for a time on the life and work of Rodin, and the scope of his creativity intrigued me. He was an early adopter of photography and the photographic record of his work in progress, has enabled students to learn about his creative process as a sculptor, collector, painter, sketcher etc.

What I found intriguing was this experience in his life:

"In 1864 at 24 years of age Rodin met Rose Beuret, aged 20. A year later his son (Auguste-Eugène Beuret) was born.

Camille Claudel (1864-1943) met Rodin in 1883 and entered his studio the following year. Rodin’s talented pupil very soon became his mistress. in the Early 1890's her relationship with Rodin was beginning to deteriorate, as is demonstrated by the cruelty of the barbed drawings,which Camille devoted to Rose and Rodin as a couple : the Système Cellulaire, Réveil, Collage... Camille realised that she would never be Rodin’s wife and would never succeed in ousting Rose Beuret ; the final break between the lovers came in 1898, and the wound it caused was commensurate with the ardour of the love that the two artists had experienced for more than ten years. Camille never recovered from the separation, even if her art then started to break free of the influence of her famous master.

In 1917 at 77 years of age, Rodin married Rose Beuret on 29 January in Meudon. Rose died on 14 February and Rodin died on 17 November. He was buried in Meudon on 24 November, next to Rose. Their tomb is dominated by The Thinker. "


It is as if The Thinker rests with all artists for a time, stilling us to become aware of new creative inspiration and direction.

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