Monday, May 04, 2009

Rubbish Quilts

In 2008 I was inspired by an Art Quilt article on making quilts from rubbish and a challenge to make a 5"x5" quilt from rubbish. On Saturdays I work at Quilters Dream in New Zealand, so I decided to collect the rubbish from the classroom rubbish bins to make my first quilt. It turned into a year long project, at the end of which I exhibited 105 Rubbish Quilts.

Rubbish collected, was sorted into different groups; threads, snippets, scraps, strings, strips, patches, negative shapes, paper & card, support textiles and metals. Sometimes the pieces are about patchwork; some reflect the tools of our craft; others the methods and techniques available to quilters; a few depict our lifestyles and habits; some recall the classes that have been taught or those who have attended or used the classroom; all carry the joy of creativity.

In each case I have tried as much as possible to preserve the integrity of the rubbish, to not alter it very much from how I found it. Shapes have stayed the same, small triangles and pieces have been pieced together to form a new fabric, allowing each piece of rubbish to speak for itself.

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