Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creating in the Moment vs Planning Ahead

I've been stitching together a new Christmas Quilt over the past few weeks. Finally I have a top together which is 2.4m wide by 2.7m long. I have an uneven number of rows down the lenght of the quilt. I pieced all the rows from top to bottom, rather than across the width of the quilt. Not planning ahead with the style of quilt has created these problems:

Block quilting designs are based on even numbers, and geometry lends itself to an all over block design I think.

I can't easily just wip off the extra row - because I pieced the rows vertically. I have almost decided that I am going to do the unpicking and take it off.

The quilt is very large for quilting on a domestic machine, so I need to unpick either one or two more seams and quilt it in two or three pieces. If I choose a block quilting design over the large diamond shaped by four squares of four blocks, it still leaves me with a large middle section to quilt at the end - and I'll still have manouverability issues getting the quilt under the harp of the machine.

I have considered all over designs, but none that I can think of are particularly spectacular and I think with a quilt like this that an all over design will get lost to a large degree - so why quilt anything spectacular anyway?

So ... still thinking this one through. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Of course - no pressure on myself - I want the quilt for Christmas 2009

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