Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 It's Christmas, all over again

Here I am working on a new quilt for Christmas 2010 - I've gone straight back to large quilts about 2.5M square - after the 2008 year of the 5" pieces! Here's the new Quilt - a new PhD, being laid out ready to sew. I'm in a pink and green phase .... again

A Decade Ending ... A Decade Beginning

Here's the weaving I tried back in November at the Girls Sewing weekend. The second image shows the finished piece with a flax block that belongs to a friend. I had a flax / Maori idea for this as a finished work across a bag, which didn't work so I ended up with a wall hanging - which I have to say, I like alot. It greets me at the front door every day and is a constant reminder to celebrate my creativity.

I ended up cutting the weaving into four pieces and placing them like the stairway to Heaven. When I'd finished it occurs to me that I am completeing my fourth decade!

I didn't think I'd really like doing weaving, because I couldn't see how I might use it ... so much for my small thinking. A world of possibilities has opened up. Hope you enjoy looking at this.

(I'm having trouble getting the other photo's to load ... they're coming)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Secret Boxing Day Project

My friend Loreen and I worked on a joint project for our dear friend Carey in Wisconsin. We worked individually on getting the top together and then on Boxing day, began working together to get the three layers, embroidery and quilting done.

I liked the design of this quilt and have started a new Christmas Quilt in this design - with a few changes of course ....