Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Decade Ending ... A Decade Beginning

Here's the weaving I tried back in November at the Girls Sewing weekend. The second image shows the finished piece with a flax block that belongs to a friend. I had a flax / Maori idea for this as a finished work across a bag, which didn't work so I ended up with a wall hanging - which I have to say, I like alot. It greets me at the front door every day and is a constant reminder to celebrate my creativity.

I ended up cutting the weaving into four pieces and placing them like the stairway to Heaven. When I'd finished it occurs to me that I am completeing my fourth decade!

I didn't think I'd really like doing weaving, because I couldn't see how I might use it ... so much for my small thinking. A world of possibilities has opened up. Hope you enjoy looking at this.

(I'm having trouble getting the other photo's to load ... they're coming)

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