Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Learning to paint roses and having the courage to go for it

My mum brought me this old sewing workbox, one of the ends of the compartments was missing. I had it fixed about three years ago, and as the wood didn't match, I stripped it back and painted it. Then I had to move house and it has sat boxed up, waiting for the roses to be painted on the top. I'm not a painter, and thought if I asked my mum over for lunch that I'd be able to talk her into doing them for me, as she loves to paint flowers. My mum had other ideas, and after my completing two practice roses on paper she said it was time to go for it. Mum's always do know best. I'm pleased she helped me find the courage to go for it. We had a great lunch with salad sandwich things set out amongst the paints and brushes.

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