Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fabric Harvest

My quilt club are having a "Harvest" challenge for our June meeting.  I wasn't going to participate as I'm not into the country quilting thing, and all the theme was conjuring up was 'pumpkins and autumn leaves' which I wasn't very inspired about until this moment of putting the two concepts together.  We have the most wonderful autumn reds leaves falling in Upper Queen Street at the moment.  I'll have to harvest some for another idea that has popped into my head.

Yesterday I was sorting through projects to figure which one I will work on next, and some fabric leftovers came to the top of the pile.  These were left from a class with Gloria Loughman.  She is a fabulous Australian quilter, and like American Jane Sassaman, (who is another quilter I really admire), encourages students to save leftover motifs (orphans as Jane calls them), either positive or negative shapes from projects, because in the future they may inspire a new work.

This is what happened yesterday.  I was playing with some leftovers, and they inspired a piece for the Harvest Challenge.  Here is the thread audition - I'm getting ready for some quilting.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Veronicah
I really like your project for the Harvest Challenge. Good on you.

Loved the drawing in your previous blog. Your niece is gorgeous.