Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally Finished

I've been completing my PHD's (projects half done).  This one was begun in 1999 (I think).  It was a Round Robin project with a slight difference.  It was made with five other quilters:  Brownyn Emsom, Sue Flego,Carol Newsham and Tracey Shepherd.  The usual idea for a Round Robin style of quilt is that you make your own centre and each successive quilter adds a border around what has previously been done.  In our case however, we decided to make one, or several beginning blocks and pass them on to the next quilter with excess bits of the beginning fabrics.  As the quilt went from one to the next, it could be added to or the quilter could make more strips or blocks.  The only rule was that the last quilter had to get it all together as a finished quilt top.

The quilt has been pinned up ever since it was completed in 1999 but I've never known how to quilt it.  For a long time it has been packed away - waiting.  with my recent decision to 'complete or abandon' I decided this should be completed.  Then I had the idea just to quilt down it in variegated thread in straight lines - which looked amazing.  I got it out to begin and then discovered that I no longer really loved this quilt.  I don't like black much and this quilt suddenly felt too black.  So now I was faced witht he 'complete or abandon' decision all over again, because I knew that once completed I would not hang or use this quilt.

My eventual decision was to complete - it only took a week to quilt - and then to give it away as a charity quilt.  I had it at work with me in the shop and a customer came in for batting to complete a quilt she was making for a charity auction at school to raise money for the Mission's.  I offered her my quilt as well and I felt very happy that it was finally on its journey to an owner who would love it.

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