Saturday, June 05, 2010

Christmas 2009

I realise that I  haven't blogged about my 2009 Christmas Quilt being finished.  Started in 2008 and worked on through 2009, it was ready for Christmas, but not photographed.  Then I washed it and the dark navy batik fabric that hadn't been pre-washed ran!  So it was waiting for Dylon colour remover and a fine day to re-wash it.  This is a big quilt and I haven't anywhere to hang it where I can take a picutre of the whole thing.

Quilting this taught me something.  I realised that one of the reasons I like to quilt in coloured thread, is that because of being long-sighted, it is easier for me to work on close up things when I can see them really clearly - particularly when free motion quilting in backwards direction..  But coloured thread just didn't work on this and I quilted with YLI cream thread.  It took about 2000 metres - which surprised me.  I stipple quilted and added a random set of three stars, but really the stars were a bit of a waste of time, because they don't really stand out enough.  Lesson nailed.

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Elizabeth said...

Great quilt Veronicah