Saturday, July 03, 2010

Last Breath

I began this piece in 2009 after seeing the centre black and white fabric.  The end result isn't too different from the original sketch.  I changed the stitching of black on white to white on black and left the woven white fabric alone.

Quilting intuitively often means following what feels right at the time of quilting, and letting the piece speak for itself.  I did a third of it then stopped completely, because my eyesight deterioated by 0.25% and suddenly I couldn't see black on black at night and never had daylight hours to do this.  Two weeks ago I was sick for four days and had invested in new glasses an found a new inspiration for getting this finished.

This piece is called Last Breath and was quilted while thinking alot about my friend Peter Crosbie.  He has lung cancer, but his life and the enthusiasm with which he has embraced it and the opportunities it has given him, is inspiring.  I will always remember him telling me about his trip to Machu Pichu (when he was in his sixties I think).  Rather than take the tourist bus down the mountain, he hurled himself off down the side with the local kids, racing the bus to the bottom!

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