Saturday, July 03, 2010

Old Friends and New Friends

I've finally walked my last hiking mile in my old Ecco Friends.  I've had these vibram soled hiking shoes for eight years and I've worn them almost every day.  I've walked so many miles in them that the sole has a hole and can't be replaced .  They are so comfy, its hard to trade them in for the new ones, who are showing themselves off - looking like they are ready to go dancing.

I'd thoroughly recommend this brand as I wear them like trainers, for walking and hiking and they have been incredible value for money, costing me on average about NZ$50 per year.  By comparrison a pair of trainers would only do me a year.  The new ones are made of Yak leather - apparently three times stronger than ordinary leather.  The leather on the old ones never wore out, so I figure the soles on these will be their demise as well - hopefully in about another ten years time!

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