Friday, July 23, 2010

Quilting Books

I haven't sewn for at least a month, but have been creative with my sketchbook.  I signed up for the Brooklyn Art Library  Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour as a push to myself to focus a bit more on learning to draw.  The Sketchbook has 80 pages to be completed by January 2011 - so far I've done 16.  I need to develop the habit of drawing something everyday.  My theme is "Figuring You Out".  The 'You' of this for me, is figuring out how to draw.

I'm finding it is making me look more closely at details, particularly on faces and the way the lines of the mouth behave in certain expression.  Will work on getting some pictures up so you can see.

Today's image is my Quilting Book shelf - every book or magazine on this shelf, has some connection to quilting.

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