Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quilter's Academy

I'm also reading this series of books - both Volume 1 & 2 are out.  I asked my library to order them, which they did happily.  Written by Harriet and Carrie Hargrave, Volume 1 begins with the basics, and even after quilting for 20 years, there are still things to be learned from the basic level to help you improve technically.  Actually, 20 years on, I probably have more time to want to be techinically accurate, rather than getting carried away on the excitement of the design coming together.

This volume gives formulas for working out how much fabric you need for your design - something a lot of quilters struggle with.  I'd recommend this book to both beginners and accomplished quilters.  Harriet and Carrie have a blog, which connects you with others working on the projects in the book. 

Here's a tip from page 72 about choosing fabrics for a quilt- which would be good to hear thoughts on.

"Choose the darker fabrics first and the lighter fabrics last.
Medium and dark fabrics are easier to select.  There are also more of them available than there are lights."

It makes me wonder - "Why is that?"  I usually have one fabric that inspires me, then I select the rest around it.  I must watch to see if I choose the dark and medium before the lights.  I probably have fewer lights in my stash.  Why do we choose darks and mediums first?


Lisa said...

Which library do you belong to?? Id like to have a read of them...

Intuitive Textile Journeys said...

Well the great thing is when the super city comes into effect we'll be able to borrow from any of Auckland's libraries. Isn't that great!

I belong to North Shore Library. However, I think that already North Shore, Rodney, and Waitakere have the okay to borrow from any of them thing in place.

I did see copies of Volume 1 and 2 for sale at Quilter's Dream on Saturday.