Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colour inspiration for a quilt

Flax is flowering in New Zealand at the moment.  This is on a motorway onramp on my drive to work and believe it or not it is a minature yellow variety.  The colours in this image (the only one I got to take, because the driver behind was getting impatient about not "inching forwad") have yellow lime flowers which contrasted amazingly with the greens of the leaves and the dark grey of the morning sky.

Despite the look of the morning we had 30 degree temperatures in New Zealand today.

I'm intrigured by colour paletes at the moment so have put this together to reflect the colours of this morning.  I tried to do it quickly, and it made me realise that I have a limited pallet of colours in my stash - when I thought I had so much.  I don't think I've captured the dark sultry feel of the morning and the contrast of dark blue grey with kakhi yellow and dark olive.  I realise I need black as well to create the mood of the flax.  Maybe I've got all the proportions wrong.  It took me about 20 minutes to pull this selection together.  Might have a go at improving it tomorrow night - to tired to do it now.  I realised the next day that I am also using the information that my mind knows to be true about the yellow-green of the falx, rather than what my eye - the camera is saying about everything being dulled.

A couple more pictures from the next day - same time, but completely different weather conditions.

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