Monday, November 29, 2010

The same piece of road and 365 photographs

The same piece of motorway, and the fact that I'm determined to take a photo and blog it on my page 365 days in this blog, is forcing creativity out of me in unexpected ways!

For a couple of days I've been looking at a stretch where I'm in an on ramp queue for about 10 minutes.  This stretch has what I would describe as handrails that turn inwards to prevent any car from driving up over the edge in an accident.  There is a small piece - I'll have to try and snap it one night - were the "handrails" from two different motorways sit close to each other. 

Today it looked like a quilting pattern to me.

Why is it than when you finally see something, there are only seconds to capture it before the traffic moves again?

You may see the negative space first here.  If so, focus on the two shapes that I sketched quickly.  I think this could be done like the drawing with hard lines, or could be curved softer protusions, or even really the shape drawn with a curved edge.  Don't have time to sketch the ideas at the moment.  Perhaps will get to add them later.

Hope you had a creative day today as well.  :-)

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