Thursday, October 27, 2011

Patu - Facing and overcoming the challenges life presents.

Patu - A close combat one handed weapon ... a handmade striking weapon, imparting a blow with a horizontal thrust straight from the shoulder at the enemy's temple.  If the foe would be grasped, then the patu would be driven up under the ribs or jaw.

Preferred material - pounamu (Greenstone); also ordinary stone, whalebone, wood.  Patu made from Green stone is called "Mere".
Source:  Wikipedia

I much prefer this Wikepedia definition for Mere:

Facing and overcoming the challenges life presents.

This quilt is made from a scrap of fabric that was a gift from Distressed Threads / Chris Tait / Catherine McDonald/Cheryl Comfort.   It was orginally a small notebook cover which begged to be a wall hanging.  I had to cut and re-piece the scrap to achieve the motif image.  This is so hot off the press that it hasn't had a final pressing nor do I know the measurements - it's around 30cm x 85cm.  This quilt spoke with a loud voice and took about two days from start to finish.  Masking the words took almost three hours ... and then there is always the irresistible urge to peel the mask off before the paint is dry.  I had to put it up out of sight to not be tempted - even though I know waiting gives the best result, it gives no support at all to my heart wanting to get on with it.

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stitchsarah said...

this was the most amazing process to observe! and the end result well worth all the care