Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chasing the Perfect Pumpkin Pie 1

Since the experiment with blind baking and making individual pumpkin pies for Halloween, I've decided to find the perfect recipe before 31 October 2012.

My friend from California, Michelle, tells me that its made with a custard and adding a pumpkin pie.

The filling was better, as this time I roasted the pumpkin then made a custard from Nigella Kitchen by Nigella Lawson (using egg yolks!) and added pumpkin mashed with cinnamon, ginger and allspice (1/4 teaspoon of each).  The flavour of the roasted pumpkin and its consistency were amazing.  I will never boil pumpkin and mash it again for a pumpkin pie - too much liquid seeps out.  However the flavour of the spices needs to be stronger.

I then thought that perhaps a brandy basket might work with the pumpkin custard as a filling.  I purchased a box of 6 - all but two were not broken.  Raced back to the supermarket, where they had to open two more boxes to get me six unbroken ones.  Alas, its a good idea, but the pie mix made the bottom of the baskets soggy.  Back to square one.

I've been reading Nigella Kitchen, and she has a recipe for Chocolate Brownie bowls which bakes using a 6-cavity desert shell pan ... now this could be just the ticket.

Early Saturday morning seems to be a time for waking early, reading and blogging.  Oh well, you've got to fit it all in somehow I guess.

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Elizabeth said...

All sounds very yummy to me!!!!