Monday, February 13, 2012

Canvas Inspirations

Art is not what you see, but what others make you see – Edgar Degas

A wounded shag, sat in my peripheral vision on a white fence; recovering; while these inspirational pages were created. He knew, “its not smart to kick the bucket.”

Sometimes we need to rest; write; draw, whatever before we fly again.

Shags teach us buoyancy, the ability to dive under the water a pop right back up again.  Being bouyant enough to rest on top in spite of the heaviness of life circumstances.  It teaches that no matter how difficult life becomes, not matter how deep you plunge – you can pop to the surface.  Shag holds the knowledge of how to rise above life’s trials.  Resting, frees shags (and us) from whatever emotions weighs them down – and teaches us not to be overcome by our emotions, but to pop right back up again.

So what about the bucket?  That shag sat on the fence for nearly three hours recovering.  I called bird rescue, because thats not normal bird behaviour – particularly when cars drive by – normal bird behaviour is to fly off.  I was worried that it might be hurt and so exhausted that it might fall off that fence and become more vulnerable.

Stephen M R Covey says in his book, The Speed of Trust: Trust is like a big bucket that gets filled with water (trust deposits) one drop at a time, and with some withdrawals.  Massive withdrawals are like kicking the bucket – a single action and you don’t have anything left.  You’re going to make mistakes, just try not to make the ones that completely destroy trust; and work hard to build trust and to restore whatever trust has been lost.

But that shag knew it needed to rest on that fence.  Shortly after I called Bird Rescue, it felt restored enough to fly off.

Playing with paint today like an uninhibited child restored my soul.  I chatted to Peggy today, another artist – she told me to give up my job and go to art school – to immerse myself with time for art.  Today’s horoscope tells me to put away my crayons and get serious.  I think it’s the same message – take your art seriously.  Give it the time it deserves.  You have a strong voice and won’t be swamped by others.  And to cap it all off the tarot card this week is the 7 Pentacles – mountain climbed, success gained, but found wanting by the soul.  It’s not enough to just be successful – we must truly enjoy the success.


stitchsarah said...

Canvas Inspirations are even more inspiring in real life! a welcoming resting place for words I've been hiding in my heart. Arohanui

Intuitive Textile Journeys said...

Thank You Sarah. I'm glad to hear that the words that have been resting in your heart are finding their way into the world. You have so much to say and share with the world and in so many different ways. Love always