Sunday, March 11, 2012


This morning I was up from 1 - 4am drawing a design for quilting something I painted on fabric a year ago.  The original is a drawing by an american artist - Henry Dixon.  I was really drawn to it. Sunday is a sewing day with the girls so I'm going to practice some machine quilting before I start on the actual work.  The technique is to put tracing paper over the thing you want to quilt and draw the quilting lines.  I tried this a year ago with this piece, but couldn't get the right feel.  The lines were too 'hard', too angry.

This morning they were just softer, a bit like isobars.  So the man is more gentle energy, and I'm wanting to convey, tension, the moment before he looks up and expresses himself, so that when you look at this piece its like you know he is going to look at you and speak.  There are images (and the story) on my blog Intuitive Textile Journeys, if you are interested in knowing more.  The final drawing changed ... several times through the process. 

Drawing this was a really interesting process, like it had a life of its own with what lines wanted to be present and where.

We'll see how the quilting goes.

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