Saturday, April 07, 2012

Art on Good Friday

I played with a couple of techniques today, did some sketching, cut out some pieces to collage and got in a bit of stitching - but haven't alot I can photograph to show.  A couple of weeks back I went to see an art exhibition called Degas to Dali and got really memorised by the surrealist artists, and I've also been reading about collage.  Not having to draw or paint everything appeals to me as I'm just finding my wings with both.  So I spent yesterday sketching roughly and heading to the photocopier to make copies.  I've become intrigued with Sandro Bottecilli's Birth of Venus.  In 1934 a Scottish artist named Edward Baird also painted his version of the original - I guess using it as a theme.  I'm thinking of something along the same lines, but got a bit stuck after a few sketches.  I probably need to just bowl right on in and work intuitively, letting the ideas come and go and be applied.

I also played with a couple of new techniques - heat transferring and using clear tape to transfer images or text into an art work.  Later one works really well, and your image has the glossyness of clear tape.  All of these transfer techniques are size restricted.  I found transferring the words this way works well, and photographs less well, because the application of laser inks is denser and therefore the image isn't as see through if the colours of the photograph are darker.  In this case, when you put the image down, even on a white background it looks like a sheer glossy photo, without letting the background really pop through.  

While at the library to photocopy, I picked up a BBC TV series on DVD called Larkrise to Candleford.  If you like historical BBC, you'll probably like this - it was great to embroider to.  So here is the picture of some of my efforts today - I've been working on this piece for a little while to make a cushion, to go with my blue and white theme.

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