Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shift in Inertia

There was a shift in inertia this weekend and things are now moving forward ... including The Devils Marble's.  I got the next stage completed today.  There is one further layer to go before quilting begins.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Recently - through July my creations have focused on my Journal/s ... well you can never just have one on the go ... can you?

Today Jax and I went to the AKL Home Art Exhibition at the Auckland Gallery.  It features work by Pacific artists and is full of surprises and challenges.  I really enjoyed it and journalled a couple of pages to remember it.  I really enjoyed Black Pearl.  Congratulations Lonnie Hutchinson - great way to highlight women's rights and injustices.

We also took in the Walters Exhibition - challenging, but I did enjoy Kate Newby's piece - Crawl Out Your Window - it challenged my resistance to everything I've been taught about respecting art by not touching it - let alone walking on it.

I worked on a piece yesterday in my Stone Journal:

The Poem by Geoff Page, from The Question, is something I discovered as a teenager in a National Geographic Magazine, linking photography and words - probably my first experience of loving this combination.  It would have been around 1975 and I found both the words and the images provoking.  

A second image from that memory is a line by Robert Frost - was about walls and why we build them.  Can't remember them exactly, but have never forgotten the concept:  Before we build a wall, we should recognise/ask what it is that we wish to keep in, or what it is we wish to keep out.

It's been a great weekend for inner art and art in the world.