Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lino Cut Resolved and Revealed

I think I resolved the problem of the two circles that form as a secondary pattern above the Christmas Baubles - extending the peel to a full size in two of the four.

I have also realised that this design could easily form a repeat pattern design, by leaving out the top left or bottom right corner -and then the circles will be back around the edge of the design, so the two above the Christmas Baubles wouldn't look so bad.

Will have to test with cutting the lino.

Also discovered today that Te Papa (the National Museum of New Zealand) has an online exhibition of the Rex Nan Kivell gift of linocuts.

Ideas are popping as I work my way through the 21 linocut books that I got through the library.  There is a huge range of diversity and styles in this technique.  Who knew.

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