Friday, September 07, 2012

Lino Printing 1

I'm doing an online Lino Printing course with Dijanne Cevaal.

Musings of a textile itinerant

They say you haven't really made a quilt until you've bled on it (while hand quilting of course); well the same must be true of lino cutting - I've got the mandatory stabbing of the thumb over.  There's such a lot of blood in the pad of the thumb - it took ages of pressure and holding it above my head to stem the flow ... oh well.

I still need to go and buy my textile ink ... happening today, so I haven't printed these yet.  Different blades and different strokes and results.

The offending sucker that bit my thumb.  I need to go back and re-read the notes on using this one and pay more attention to what it says.

Exercise in Positive and negative forms.  Free hand Ginko Leaf.

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