Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Botanical Skeleton Inspiration

This is the beautiful work of Elisa Emma King, which was on display among the 17,000 items on show at the Great Exhibition which was held at Crystal Palace, London from 1st may - 15 october, 1851.

I discovered it at the Lake Taupo Museum where it now resides, far from its time and place of creation in England.  How did it come to New Zealand?  The museum has a brochure that tells it's story so I won't disturb the joy you will find in discovering it there for yourself.

The work contains 32 different plants, many that you recognise when taking the time to really look.

Miss King began work on the time consuming task of collecting plant specimens and soaking them in rain water for several months, before beginning the task of removing any plant membrane supported by the skeleton.  Elisa was close to 30 years old when she made this exquisite work.

The gentleness of this work and it's complex detail, really move me, and it is a joy to share it with you.