Saturday, August 10, 2013

Scrap Quilts - the work of other quilters

At the National Quilt Symposium, held in July 2013 in Taupo, three quilts inspire me towards some new ways to look at scrap quilts.

Behind the Lines - by Gael O'donnell

Is it Autumn already?  by Margaret rogerson

Assemblage by Anna Prussing

Friday, August 09, 2013

A Thousand Promises

Art At the Speed of Life - by - Pam Carriker
Motivation + inspiration for making Mixed-media art everyday.  This book has helped me realise I can do a small amount towards a finished result, everyday, over time, for as long as it takes to complete a page.  I worked on the page shown in the image below on six different occasions before I felt it was complete.

Imagine what a thousand promises might be.  Imagine the birth of a thousand children and the potential; imagine a thousand wishes given the wings of prayer.  That is promise.  A visual sense of a thousand promises, would be the image of a thousand butterflies in a field of a thousand daisies.  This work honours the divine feminine and masculine that reside in us all, and the promise made to unite these.  The promise is one of sleeping beauty.