Friday, May 23, 2014

Cooks Beach Inspiration

A break at the beach on a warm sunny May weekend, filled with art and reading, long beach walks and swimming provided new inspiration for another nature book.  Actually there's enough material here for three different books I think.

I spent some time at Cook's reading:  Visual Guide to working in a series by Elizabeth Barton - definitely on my purchase list, and it says not to put all your ideas in to one work, but to develop them across a series which has a theme and design parameters for what you are wanting to do with the work.  It recommends writing a paragraph and then picking out the bits of interest, so you can see the ideas contained developed across several works.

I've felt so inspired from this weekend with nature, the light and finding my voice for these works and have my wonderful friend Peggy to thank for the opportunity.  Watch this space ... in a couple of months time.  :-)

Black backerd Gull - Karoro

Red billed Gull - Tarapunga  

Banded Dotterel - Tuturiwhatu

Variable Oystercatcher - Torea Pango