Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Creative 1st of January

Other than Lily, and a couple of phone conversations, I have today  been in solitude with my art, reading in the sun, cooking, flower arranging and enjoying collaging down some pictures that I've been collecting - they've been waiting for the right project.  

A couple of days ago I got to paint backgrounds in four new journals.  Then yesterday and today, I've spent time collaging in some pictures to form part of the background or the eventual art piece - who knows.  I had the se of a large table - it looks like chaos, but contained everything I needed for the day.

I tried out my new Derwent Graphik Line Painter pens on the piece below.  Good to learn you've got to keep you hand moving as a pause can result in a blob of ink being released.

 My numerology personal year is a 2 for 2015 year filled with happy relationships and love - if today is a measure of how its shaping up, I'm very happy with my relationship with my art and writing as a starting point.

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