Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Light Show - Auckland Art Gallery until 8 February 2015

More 'Lace' influence in my life today, and this time brought to me by the Light Show at Auckland Art Gallery.

Today I had a new experience - we are so used to seeing 'art' in our lives that we almost instantly know what we like and what we don't like.  For example in a room of painted pictures, we look closely at that those we like, and those that draw us in.  We can sometimes pass by works which we have applied our own assumptions to and about the work.  In the Light Show, it's like that room of many different kinds of paintings, but it was an experience of never having seen anything like this before - so no assumptions about any of the works.  Instead I found myself looking to understand the artists feelings and what they were expressing with the work.  

And within this scope I found my definite favourites.  Works by:

Leo Villareal - Cylinder II 2012
I could have watched this forever as it constantly changes shape and explodes like fireworks or falling snow.  Watch for yourself on the YouTube Link above.

James Turrell, Wedgework V  This challenged my perceptions about what was real and what was not real, depth, colour, light and space and it was difficult to see exactly how this work had been created.

David Batchelor, Magic Hour 2004/7
This artist is "drawn to the way in which vivid colour co-exists with dirt and a degree of darkness, that's often how colour is in the city, it isn't pure or detatched or disembodied.

Jim Campbell, Exploded View Commuters 2011
If you go to the exhibition, view this work from outside of the room as you will really get the image of people walking very very clearly.  It's incredible.  I found myself thinking I could have something like this in my home as a piece of art to contemplate.

So where was the lace?  In a work by Conrad Shawcross Slow Arc Inside a Cube IV.  A Moving light inside a cage, threw shadows across the walls and ceiling, creating lace patterns of the baby blocks design in lines.  This work gives the illusion that the floor is moving.

I highly recommend the Light Show to you, it is as the advertising says - an experience of the wonder of light.

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