Monday, January 12, 2015

Pohutukawa Blessings

Today’s post is a giveaway – a creative idea, inspiration and a gift for you to move on through the Universe to others you encounter.

Some time ago I read Creative is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative by Patti Digh.  In it she tells a story of a man who sent leaves.  This idea really resonated with me and as a constant admirer of nature, our beautiful tree the Pohutukawa, which stuns us at Christmas with it’s beautiful red blossom offered its leaves.  Known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree, (no we don’t cut them down as they are a protected tree that thrives on the coast in the North Island), because they decorate themselves in Christmas colours.  Imagine how the coastline looks from the approach by sea in flaming red.


Trivia moment: Did you know New Zealand has more miles of coastline than the United States? Impossible right?  But it’s true – more by about 10% because of the rugged nature of our Coast.  A sailor I knew doubted this trivia and spent time confirming by measuring in and out of our coastline, because it so perplexed his mind.

Pohutukawa is an evergreen tree, which gradually sheds its leaves – what wisdom, releasing the parts of its life that are no longer needed.  As a result, it is possible to pick up beautiful autumn coloured leaves throughout the year.  Sending Leaves with Messages has become something I love doing.  Writing the Message on the leaf itself evolved and I’ve followed a different theme in different years. 2013: Smile; 2014: Dream: 2015:  Pohutukawa Blessings.  

Tools for writing that have worked for applying words to leaves for me are: a ballpoint pen; a Sharpie® permanent marker; and Dewrent Graphik® Line Painters in their beautiful colours.

Message Examples to get you going
Smile because you can
Smile, it keeps others wondering what you’re up to
Smile, because today you are breathing
Smile, it takes less muscle work

Dream Big
Dream your future
Have a Big Dream
Each Dream is a fragment of Reality
Dreams come in all shapes and sizes
A Dream may begin with a very small idea

I created a Dream set for myself as a Coffee Table item and talking point for visitors.  Children find them fascinating, and it is something they can easily create themselves.

Pohutukawa Blessings are spontaneous words: Magic, Joy, Peace, Friends, Solitude, Strength, Success, Creativity … it’s an endless list.  Once completed, create a tag and pop into an organza bag.  Instant giveaway gift for someone you meet.

Enjoy the beauty you encounter and create in the world today.

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