2017 Reading List

2 7. Extraordinary Sketchbooks - Jane Stobart
A collections of images of artists sketchbooks. My favourites being:

Abigail Brown - Silversmith

26. Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters - Sheri Lynn Wood
Like how Sheri stretches a traditional drunkards path curve and the randomness of putting the shapes together.  Great photographs.

Improv definitions: Working with out a plan; thinking on your fee; figuring out as you go; making do with what you have; problem solving; taking risks; breaking the rules; decision-making; anything goes; accepting what is; creating spontaneously; freedom and responsibility; freedom from perfection; setting your own limits.

Evaluation questions to remember:
* What surprised me?
* What did I discover or learn?
* What was satisfying about the process or outcome?
* What was dissatisfying?
  If dissatisfied, what can I do differently next time to be more satisfied?
* Where do I want to go from here?

19 - 25. Harry Potter Novels - J K Rowling
It's been a busy hard year - between mum and my work there hasn't been much else - even my reading capacity has dropped as I've just been too exhausted for anything else. 

I decided on another re-read of these novels - I love them so much and enjoy re-reading them every couple of years. This time around I was noticing the differences between the story and the movies - what gets left out; what gets changed. It's quite fascinating.

I'm grateful that I enjoyed them again - superb!

18. Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting - Mike Bernard and Robin Capon
This book requires time and more time to absorb and look and absorb the richness of the colours and details in each painting.

There are demonstrations that take the work from a sketch to a finished painting.

The paintings are in part realism and abstraction and each one combines paint and collage elements in slightly different ways. It's a really unique style that I love.

17. Intuitive Painting Worksho - Alena Hennessy
Oh to paint like this - and I know I can. It is in me, my voice and my style. Reading this book reminded me of the 21/90  Rule: "It takes 21 days to create a habit. It takes 90 days to a lifestyle." 

Reading this I know I can achieve this by doing something towards a painting in my journal every day ... now to commence ...

16. Poetry of the World Wars - Edited by Michael Foss
In the end I didn't get to read this. I checked it out of the library as a potential resource for and Anzac quilt idea. Events of 2017 with mum's health took much precedent this year.

15. A Decade of Revival - Auckland War Memorial Museum
I enjoyed learning more about the construction of the new addition to Auckland's Museum. Great photo documentary

14. conversations with Sacred Mountains - A journey along Yunan's Tea caravan trail - Laurence Brahm
"The Teahouse is a place tosit and wait for the road ... they give shelter and are places to allow thoughts to disintegrate and new ones to arise.

They are shops on the way following roads that may not lead in the direction intended and may lead to the one meant to be followed.

Sometimes we need a total collapse of the road we have been following to realise it was not the one we meant to go down."

I like reading stories about travels and journeys. I liked the way this writer has with his journey and his words and especially with his photographs.
13. Sources of Inspiration - Carolyn Genders
in this book I found someone who sees things or at least observes the world in similar ways to me. She covers pattern and colour, architecture and geometry, shadows, reflections and silhouettes, plants, living beings, landscapes, man-made, texture and surface.  This is a great set of categories - must use it for filing my images for inspirational photos that I want to use in my artworks.

12. How to draw cool stuff - Catherine V Holmes
Great illustrations and breaks drawing something down into simple shapes and lines. A must purchase I think.

11. First Women
Great read - a gift from Sarah. I've loaned it to Nicola R. Looks at all the First Lady's from the mid-20th century and compares their style and role in the job.

10. New Creative Collage Techniques - Nita Leland

9. Past Secrets - Cathy Kelly
A distraction novel for me.

8. Deception Point - Dan Brown
Nasa the Presidency and a fake meteorite. Lots of suspense which is usual for this author, great read, but its a once only read. It didn't grab me in the same way as the Papal novels he has written have done.

7. Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
Wow! Really really enjoyed this autobiography. Loved the way he combines words in unusual words, loved that the story of his life and the EStreet Band.  Highly recommend reading this.

6. The Making of Miss Potter - Garth Pearce
Another withdrawn book to add to my collection of Beatrix Potter materials. I find her fascinating. Enjoyed the text and the photo's from the film and film set.  

5. The Liquid Continent - Nicholas Woodsworth
The second in a trilogy. Again a find in the withdrawn books and I primarly picked it up because it is 'hand-size' and about Venice.  I thought I would draw in it, but I read it - this writer was travelling around the Mediterranean by ship following ancient shipping routes. Now I've read it - I can scribble in it.

4. Mrs Kennedy and Me - Clint Hill
A view from Mrs Kennedy's Secret Service Agent on his life and the Secret Service.  Enjoyed this and picked it up from the withdrawn books - so is now on my book shelf.

3. Together is Better - Simon Sinek
Simply put and very elegant. "Success is when reality looks like what is in our imagination" Simon Sinek

2. The Storm Sister - Lucinda Riley
Great writing and story telling in this series of novels. Always the mystery about Pa Salt is being slowly unpicked. Really, really enjoying this set of seven stories.

1. Paper Collage Chinese Style - Shu Liqun Paper Arts Museum\\
Self-impose pre-course study and I really enjoyed this book.

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